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Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf LL.B M.Ed.Psych. D.Div.

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Often described as the Jewish synthesis of Deepak Chopra and Anthony Robbins, Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf of Australia, has been a spiritual mentor and a worldwide teacher of spirituality for a generation. His expertise blends contemporary positive psychology with ancient Kabbalah to facilitate a ‘behavioural’ approach to life training.

Laibl, who is trained in law and psychology, served as professor inextention for Jewish Spiritual Studies at UW Madison. He addresses groups as divergent as the American Psychological Association, the Fortune 500 convention, and Buddhist monks. He is often the keynote speaker at worldwide conferences such as the Fortune 500, the Argentinean convention on ‘Economy and Psycho/Spiritual Solutions’ and the Gawler Convention on Mind/Body medicine. His master was and remains the revered Lubavitcher Rebbe. He has held an extensive meeting with the Dalai Lama and lists Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks as a good friend and colleague.

Laibl has produced a much sought after series of meditation and self-mastery audio-visual training programs materials, including his comprehensive life-training model, LifePlan7, which are sold internationally. Most recently Rabbi Wolf has produced an amazing Mindfulness training kit entitled Kavana Mindfulness. He is also the author of the best- selling book, Practical Kabbalah (Three Rivers Press™ of Random House, Inc.,) and contributed to numerous magazines and anthologies. He has lectured in over 450 cities across the globe. Through his original ‘MindYoga’™ approach, Laibl’s audiences are able to master their emotions and empower their lives.

The son of Polish holocaust survivors, he received his rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbi of Israel. His degrees in law, psychology, and comparative religions were earned in Australia, Israel and USA. Rabbi Wolf lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Leah, with whom he has seven adult children. Two of his sons have served as officers in Israeli Defence Forces elite units. One of his sons is the director of the pioneering Spiritgrow Wholistic Growth Centre in Melbourne which Laibl is its Dean.