Sassy Reuven Bio
Sassy Reuven was born in Beer Sheva Israel in 1954 and completed high school in the city of his birth. He joined the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) in 1973 two weeks after the Yom Kippur war ceasefire. Sasson next volunteered to the Red Beret/Paratrooper 890 brigade unit and participated in many missions during his three years in the army.
Four months before the end of his service, on June 1976, he took part in the fame Raid on Entebbe mission. He was among the first to jump out of the number 1 Hercules C-130 aircraft in Entebbe, Uganda to release the Jewish hostages. He completed his IDF service in November of 1976.
Four months into his civilian life, Sassy was called to join a special infantry reserve unit and was seriously injured from a bullet fire. After several years and a number of surgeries later his leg was saved. While convalescing from his injury he returned to Ben Gurion University in the study of Civil Engineering. Two years later, Sassy was accepted into Brooklyn Polytechnic (today NYU) where he completed his study and received his BSc. degree in Civil Engineering. While in New York he worked for the government of Israel and was part of El-Al security.
In 1985 he was promoted to head the El-Al LAX security and met his future wife Susan who worked at El-Al as cargo sales manager. Married in 1987, Sassy and his wife Susan have 3 children ages 27, 23 and 15. He worked as an executive for a few construction development companies in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Today Sassy Reuven owns and operates a construction company, AMD Development, Inc. in Calabasas, CA., and also travels around the world making presentations, which describe his experiences in rescuing and freeing 106 Jewish hostages held at great risk by terrorists in Entebbe Uganda.
He is an active member of Chabad Calabasas, CA.